I’ve played guitar, drums, piano, electronics, field recordings, violins made from recycled trash, and other noise-making objects in a variety of configurations, often in collaboration with some incredibly talented friends.  You can listen by clicking on the links below.

If / When & Other Solo Projects

Solo works using field recordings and other sound sources, often in the context of multimedia installations.

If / When - This Never Happened
If / When — This Never Happened

The Glass Bees

“A malleable platform for experimenting in sound and other media.”

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CD Releases

Multimedia Installations

The Sick Passengers

“Songs about drinking, loving, fighting, good friends, and bad presidents.”

Sun May Find

“A place where extremes of heat and cold, and vistas of pastoral scenery and industrial waste pushed us to create something ambitious, however flawed and fraught with tension.”


“The mid 90s: a magical time when anything was possible.”


Where Christmas Dreams Come True