An Interview with Saeed Tavazoie

I recently had a chance to speak with Saeed Tavazoie, a professor of systems biology at Columbia University, about his work. He gave a very cogent overview of his perspective on the future of biological research, and some really fascinating projects that his lab has been working on. Here is a short snippet, but I’d suggest checking out my full edited interview with him here.

The new technologies that we and others are developing not only generate a scaffold of knowledge about regulatory interactions that other scientists can use, but eventually become important tools for making progress in many other areas. In the past, technologies like microarrays, RNA-Seq, and CHiP-Seq totally changed the way people do science. Today, new technologies that are coming out of systems biology are pushing conceptual revolutions in biology because they enable you to make observations you couldn’t make before. It’s not just that you start thinking out of the box, new technologies actually throw you out of the box and you can’t avoid thinking about things in new ways.

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