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An Interview with Saeed Tavazoie

I recently had a chance to speak with Saeed Tavazoie, a professor of systems biology at Columbia University, about his work. He gave a very cogent overview of his perspective on the future of biological research, and some really fascinating projects that his lab has been working on. Here is a short snippet, but I’d […]

I’m on Tumblr

If you are on Tumblr, I invite you to follow For the time being I’ll mostly be posting sketches, gifs, and videos made in Processing. We’ll see how it grows.

Imaging Synapses

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to attend a symposium organized by the Columbia Genome Center’s facility for high-throughput screening. One of the speakers was Clarissa Waites, an assistant professor at Columbia University Medical Center. I just posted an article based on her very interesting presentation, which focused on her efforts to use […]

Stills from Sandy Hook, 2009

In July 2009, the Glass Bees performed at Monkeytown, a remarkable and sorely missed cube of a space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that was outfitted with a good sound system and four large video screens. For several years, it was home to Eyewash, a monthly event series that paired video artists with musicians and sound artists […]

Warehouse Construction in Port Reading

Construction is underway on two enormous warehouses on Middlesex Avenue in Port Reading. On the day I drove past, prefabricated walls more than 50 feet in height were held weightlessly in place by steel arms with an attractive rusted patina. As the autumn sun set, the arms cast dramatic shadows across the vertical surfaces as […]

A Vanished Resort – Boynton Beach

Sewaren, NJ sits on the eastern shore of Middlesex County, facing Staten Island across the Arthur Kill. The landscape at the southern end of Cliff Road is dominated by the sight of dozens of hulking oil tanks operated by Hess Oil. But just outside the gate to this facility, this intriguing sign can be found: […]