Stills from Sandy Hook, 2009

In July 2009, the Glass Bees performed at Monkeytown, a remarkable and sorely missed cube of a space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that was outfitted with a good sound system and four large video screens. For several years, it was home to Eyewash, a monthly event series that paired video artists with musicians and sound artists […]

Some Thoughts on Venice, Brooklyn

Venice, Brooklyn was a shotgun multimedia improvisation assembled and performed by the Glass Bees on September 20, 2009. Early that morning, Jason Das and I traveled to areas along the Atlantic coastline in southern Brooklyn, specifically visiting neighborhoods and marshland that scientists have predicted to be vulnerable to the effects of climate change in the […]

Feed Me With Your Hiss

With such high expectations for My Bloody Valentine‚Äôs first performances in over 15 years, how could they help but disappoint? Since fading into obscurity following the release of their monumental 1991 LP Loveless, their gauzy, tremolo-drenched sunshine has spawned whole genres of imitators. The sound was ubiquitous in the East Coast indie rock scene of […]