A Wintry Mix

A continuous mix of recent listening that traverses borders and suits the darker season. At times the sounds are cold and icy, at others as warm as your favorite blanket. Playlist  Start Time | Artist | “Title” | Album | Label 00:00 | Incipientium | “Caltes” | Belastning | Förlag För Fri Musik 05:23 | Amateur Hour | “Utan […]

New Mix: Shades of Haze

A collage of recent listening, featuring obscure articulations, corroded tapes, twee beats, artists as musicians, a chorus of bells, solitary late night doodles, fuzzed loops, and chance meetings.

Locked Down, Taking Stock

During the recent COVID lockdown, an old friend who lives in Portland celebrated his 45th birthday. As a gift to honor the occasion, I put together this mix of 45 tracks from records that have caught my attention over the last few years and won’t let go. The result is some 3 hours and 41 […]


Schatten-Licht was an exhibition of objects and paintings by Uschi Lux, accompanied by a site specific sound installation by Chris Williams. The installation was shown in the World War II-era bunker beneath the Martinskirche in Stuttgart, Germany from May 24 – June 8, 2019.

Who’s The Dummy?

NEW: FOR DOCUMENTATION OF THIS PROJECT, PLEASE GO HERE. I will be taking part in the generate!_lab festival in Tübingen, Germany on November 10, 2018. You’re invited! (Scroll for full description.) “Who’s the Dummy?” A multimedia installation about puppets and propaganda in cooperation with the generate!_lab Festival for Electronic Arts 2018 10. November | […]

If / When: “Pigments”

NEW: CLICK HERE FOR DOCUMENTATION OF THIS PROJECT. On Saturday, October 14, I will be debuting a new solo alias called If/When and present an installation and live sound performance called “Pigments” at the Kunstraum 34 in Stuttgart. The event is taking place in coordination with a city-wide cultural event called Stuttgartnacht and as part of […]

Sick Passengers Now on Bandcamp

On this night 13 years ago I was at the Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, celebrating the release of Your Words, Bought and Sold, the only proper CD that my big, loud rock band at the time, The Sick Passengers, ever finished. This was long before “digital albums” came along, and so we never got […]

Glass Bees Presentation at Salon 34

Members of the Stuttgarter Kollektiv für Aktuelle Musik (S-K-A-M) recently started a monthly meeting at the Kunstraum Filderstrasse called Salon 34 to foster dialogue and collaboration among members of the local artistic community. So far, it has been a very friendly and informal series of events that have offered a chance to hear about some very […]