Interview with Armin Linke and Estelle Blaschke

In a rare situation that enabled the convergence of several very distinct interests of mine, I had the opportunity to interview photographer Armin Linke and historian of photography Estelle Blaschke last spring about their show “Image Capital” at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. Read the interview here.

Find Me on Instagram

In the better late than never department, I finally got with the program and signed myself up for an Instagram account. If you’re into that sort of thing and want to link up, you can find me here. “Social, social, let’s be social.”

xCoAx 2019

I recently presented my installation Who’s the Dummy? as part of xCoAx 2019, the 7th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X. This was the second time mounting the project, following its November 2018 debut at the generate!_lab Festival of Electronic Arts in Tübingen. FIND COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION OF THIS PROJECT HERE.

Who’s The Dummy?

NEW: FOR DOCUMENTATION OF THIS PROJECT, PLEASE GO HERE. I will be taking part in the generate!_lab festival in Tübingen, Germany on November 10, 2018. You’re invited! (Scroll for full description.) “Who’s the Dummy?” A multimedia installation about puppets and propaganda in cooperation with the generate!_lab Festival for Electronic Arts 2018 10. November | […]

If / When: “Pigments”

NEW: CLICK HERE FOR DOCUMENTATION OF THIS PROJECT. On Saturday, October 14, I will be debuting a new solo alias called If/When and present an installation and live sound performance called “Pigments” at the Kunstraum 34 in Stuttgart. The event is taking place in coordination with a city-wide cultural event called Stuttgartnacht and as part of […]

New Screenprint

Last week I took a refresher screen printing class at the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. The image is based on a generative sketch I wrote in Processing, manipulated a bit in Photoshop, and then separated into four colors. Coincidentally, Dave DiMarchi, who taught the last screen printing class I took, was in the midst of organizing a […]

Glen Ridge Maker Faire

On Saturday I participated in my town’s first Maker Faire. It was a good excuse to have good prints made of several recent Processing sketches. Thanks to Graphic Lab in NYC for the printing and to the Glen Ridge Public Library for hosting.