xCoAx 2019

I recently presented my installation Who’s the Dummy? as part of xCoAx 2019, the 7th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X. This was the second time mounting the project, following its November 2018 debut at the generate!_lab Festival of Electronic Arts in Tübingen.


Who's the Dummy?

With people attending from Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Asia, xCoAx included a diverse, multidisciplinary mix of academic researchers, digital artists, performers, technologists, and programmers. Theory and practice were both well represented, encouraging lots of cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas.

Due to the presence of several other sound-emitting works in the “Black Box” gallery, I presented Who’s the Dummy? this time using headphones instead of a four-channel spatial diffusion. I also updated the booklet of readings with recent texts documenting ways in which anonymity is being weaponized in political activity using social media.

xCoAx 2019 took place from July 3-5 at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, Italy. Conference proceedings, including a short paper describing Who’s the Dummy? will be published soon. You can already see the full program and read papers presented as full lectures on the conference website.

Thanks to the xCoAx organizers for the invitation and for all the support, and to the other participants for their ideas and conversation.