Interview with Armin Linke and Estelle Blaschke

In a rare situation that enabled the convergence of several very distinct interests of mine, I had the opportunity to interview photographer Armin Linke and historian of photography Estelle Blaschke last spring about their show “Image Capital” at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. Read the interview here.

The installation, which struck an unusually productive balance between fine art and art theory, included photographs made at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, positioning them among other illuminating examples from the history of data storage and visualization, including photographic archives, microfiche, and Vannevar Bush’s MEMEX, which today sounds an awful lot like Google Glass.

Linke and Blaschke were generous with their time and our conversation dove deep into some fascinating perspectives they have been developing about the continuity between analog and digital technologies. I was also delighted to see that the installation was recognized with the Kubus.Sparda Kunstpreis, which struck me as well deserved.

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