Recent Writing and 2019 Annual Report for the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart

I’ve spent a substantial amount of coronavirus-enforced home office worktime writing, editing, managing translations, etc., for the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart’s latest annual report, which I’m now pleased to be able to share. You can find links below to several new articles I wrote for the report, along with some other recent pieces. Check them […]

Interview with Armin Linke and Estelle Blaschke

In a rare situation that enabled the convergence of several very distinct interests of mine, I had the opportunity to interview photographer Armin Linke and historian of photography Estelle Blaschke last spring about their show “Image Capital” at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. Read the interview here.

HLRS Annual Report 2018

At work, I recently completed publication of the 2018 annual report for the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart. As editor I did the majority of the conception, writing and editing, though was grateful for valuable contributions from my colleagues. The 72-page document is written for nonspecialists and surveys highlights from around HLRS over the previous year. […]

Who’s The Dummy?

NEW: FOR DOCUMENTATION OF THIS PROJECT, PLEASE GO HERE. I will be taking part in the generate!_lab festival in Tübingen, Germany on November 10, 2018. You’re invited! (Scroll for full description.) “Who’s the Dummy?” A multimedia installation about puppets and propaganda in cooperation with the generate!_lab Festival for Electronic Arts 2018 http://festival.shedhalle.de 10. November | […]

Mapping Human B Cell Development Using Single-Cell Technologies

Last week I reported on a very interesting paper published researchers at Columbia University and Stanford University. Here’s the opening. Follow the link below to read the full article. In a new paper published in the journal Cell, a team of researchers led by Dana Pe’er at Columbia University and Garry Nolan at Stanford University describes a powerful […]

A Covey of Credos

A good friend wrote to me recently to point me toward the website for Credo, a wireless expansion of the Working Assets telephone program. Credo sets aside a percentage of all of its fees to support nonprofit organizations of its customers’ choosing. According to its website, Credo gives you an opportunity to “choose the mobile […]