Announcing Smooth Space Editions

For several years now, I have been intending to start an imprint for releasing the results of projects I’ve completed. The forced solitude of the COVID-19 pandemic last year provided the time and inspiration to finally get started. I am pleased that today marks the launch of Smooth Space Editions.

Smooth Space Editions is intended as a cross-media platform that is open to various kinds of art making, including music, sound art, photography, bookmaking, printmaking, or whatever seems interesting at the time. Although there will be digital components, I am interested in the production of physical artifacts that can be held and collected. Smooth Space is very much a DIY way to share things I have made, but the possibility of collaborating with other artists on projects is something that I hope might one day make sense.

Smooth Space Editions is launching with two new releases. The first is This Never Happened, the debut cassette by If / When, a solo music and sound art project I have been developing over the last few years. The second is a photozine called Waiting, So Tired of Waiting, which quickly resulted from a series of photos I took last November. You can click on the images for more information, additional photos, and information about how to get one if you are interested.

In addition to the two new editions above, limited copies of my photobook Anywhere and a screenprint are also currently available through Smooth Space Editions. I am at work on a few other projects and hope to add to the catalog soon.