Glass Bees Presentation at Salon 34

Members of the Stuttgarter Kollektiv für Aktuelle Musik (S-K-A-M) recently started a monthly meeting at the Kunstraum Filderstrasse called Salon 34 to foster dialogue and collaboration among members of the local artistic community. So far, it has been a very friendly and informal series of events that have offered a chance to hear about some very diverse artistic work, spanning many disciplines. On June 12 I introduced myself with a 40-minute presentation about the Glass Bees, focusing on the evolution of the project from a studio improvisation duo into a platform for more conceptual multimedia performances and installations. Thanks, Karmin Shim, for following with an interesting presentation on the Borneo Art Collective (and for the photo!) and to the S-K-A-M team for organizing this series. I’ll be looking forward to hearing what others around here are up to in the coming months.